Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coco Cubano

With the weather cooling right down in Sydney, one of the best ways to warm up is having a relaxing chitchat over a cup of hot chocolate… or maybe more than just one cup :P 

Still feeling the need for something sweet after dinner, J & L ended up at Coco Cubano. Located on the corner, the Cuban café boasted a big cursive script sign, customers all scattered in their outdoor section and huge menu boards behind the counter. Our eyes went straight to the list of premium hot chocolate which attracted us immediately. With so many new and exotic flavours on offer,  we seriously were torn and in the end we couldn’t resist but try a few …

Mojo – Irish Cream Hot Chocolate ($4.75 for small)
If hot chocolate could get more indulgent, then it would be the Mojo. A Hint of Irish Cream (Think Bailey’s!) mixed with smooth creamy chocolate resulted in an extremely creamy but not too overpowering drink. It was sweet and made a delightful after dinner drink. This was our favourite ! 

Valentino – Rose Hot Chocolate (4.75)
This was a delicious concoction of chocolate and rose. The smooth velvety chocolate was a pleasure  to drink and reminded us of the rose and lychee combination – just like the cupcakes from Sparkle Cupcakery

Berry – Strawberry Hot Chocolate ($4.75) 
This was a nice drink, although being the least exotic out of the three. It tasted like a smooth liquid version of chocolate dipped strawberries!

Coco Cubano also had an eclectic décor, with mismatched photos and frames all around the wall, mismatched chairs and sofas and even book-like cardboard boxes to signify our order. The perfect place to catch up and and escape the chilly wind for awhile :)

Nibble on Nibbles! xx


191 Oxford St 
NSW 2010

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1 comment: ISO 22000 said...

The place looks really awesome and very relaxing! I love to go there.

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