Friday, April 23, 2010

Melbourne: Tea House On Burke


J’s family are quite regular diners at Tea House. The award winning Chinese restaurant offers both traditional and contemporary Cantonese cuisine including the old favourites as well as some creative inventions :) oh! and a key is not to order from the menu, because most of the best stuff are not on it!

These dishes are some of the family’s favourites :) ! note that the prices are all approximations since these were not on the menu..

The golden prawns are sautéed with salted duck egg yolks. It’s not too salty or oily, the prawns are fresh and crisp and the amount of duck egg is just right to impart flavour onto the dish.  They also serve wasabi prawns that are similar to the golden prawns, but the salted duck egg yolks are substituted with a mild wasabi and mayonnaise paste.  The wasabi flavour is not strong at all- even J who normally isn’t fond of it can eat it :) though of course she prefers the ones with the duck eggs hehe
Golden Prawns (~$40)

The twice cooked pork is first braised and then sautéed. It is served with a light sauce and strings of thinly sliced apple :) The sweet yet sour fruitiness from the crispy strings of apple goes really well with the succulent slices of pork.. in fact J loves eating the apple alone with the sauce as it refreshes the taste buds in the middle of her meal :P
Twice Cooked Pork (~$30)

The BBQ beef eye fillet with black pepper sauce is not like the normal ones you get from Chinese take-away. The beef is not well done but is still pink and tender :) and is served with sweet and crunchy snow peas.. the sauce is light and not overwhelmingly peppery, though it is served on the side, satisfying the needs of those who like it spicy and those who like it simple at the same time :D
BBQ Beef Eye Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce (~$30)

We also decided to try the Chinese style pan fried barramundi that night and it certainly did not disappoint! the fish was soft and moist, served with the sort of light soy sauce and spring onions you would normally get with Chinese steamed fish :)  
Chinese Style Pan Fried Barramundi (~$40)

A good bowl of fried rice should be relatively dry where each individual grain of rice is separated and not stuck together. The rice should be chewy and not mushy, flavoured should be from the ingredients and just lightly seasoned. The Yeung Chow fried rice at the Tea House fulfils all of the above criteria, and is also one of J’s aunt’s favourites… (Yeung Chow fried rice is the type typically with shrimps, BBQ pork, egg and spring onions added) though some of us thought that this time it might have lacked a bit of salt, but other than that, it sure was a hearty bowl of fried rice :)
Yeung Chow Fried Rice (~$20 per plate)

This dessert is one that the family always orders regardless of the restaurant. The Chinese crepes are usually made with red bean paste, but here they offer it in taro paste :D ! The dish is served warm with the outside fried till crispy and golden :) the thickness of the batter here is just right and the taro paste inside is smooth (some can get dry and lumpy) and not too sweet. A perfect finish to our meal :D
Chinese Crepes with Taro Paste (~$15)

Tea House is always a lovely dining experience with some interesting and well prepared Chinese food.. The prices are reasonable considering the quality of food served..The staffs were helpful and intuitive- let them know what sort of food you like and they’ll take care of it for u :)

Nibble on Nibblies! xx


911 -913 Burke Road, 
Camberwell, VIC 3124

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Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

Mmmm great looking food. The barramundi looks particularly good. I will have to remember this place next time I am in the eastern suburbs.

Simon Food Favourites said...

sounds great. i wish i knew about it when i was in melbourne. will add to my wish list map for next :-)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Love the look of those golden prawns! Possibly even easier to eat than crab with salted duck egg yolk?

nomnomnibblies said...

@ mark & simon: should definately ask for what else they're serving other than in the menu when you're there :D!
@mademoiselle délicieuse: yeh the prawns are much easier to eat! personally i'm not such a big fan of crab because it's just too much fuss before i acutally get to the meat! but the firm and crisp texture of the prawn goes well with it i reckon :D

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