Friday, May 28, 2010

Pinangsia- Indonesian Noodle House


When someone recommends a particular dish or restaurant and often keeps suggesting it, you know it’s definitely worth a try. Our friend P absolutely adores the well known grilled chicken at Ayam Goreng 99 and always been urging us to try. So after day of hard study at uni hehe we decide to head over to Anzac Parade and reward ourselves with this delicious chicken. 

Arriving promptly at 5:00pm, we were eager for an early dinner. 

“OMIGOSH! I forgot it doesn’t open until 6 for dinner!!” exclaimed P as we stared at the closed signed displayed in front of the empty restaurant. 

Ultimately, were torn between waiting for another hour or to go to another place instead. In the end, our stomachs won the battle and we decided to go somewhere else, meaning that we would have to come back another time for Ayam Goreng :P 

So we end up at Pinangsia Noodle House, another Indonesian restaurant famous for their giant meatballs.
The three of us were hungry and we decided to share a few dishes. 
Bakmi Goreng Ala Jakarta aka Mie Tek-Tek Goreng ($8)

This was a special Jakarta style fried noodles with a mixture of tomato, cabbage, shredded chicken and prawn crackers. With thick and soft egg noodles, this dish was pretty filling. Though it had a little bit too much pepper..

Nasi Goreng Kombinasi ($8.50)

The combination fried rice had BBQ pork, beef balls, fish balls and a fried egg.  This dish was a bit like a rice version of the fried noodles, also a bit too peppery. But fried fish balls and fried egg with fried rice can’t go too wrong :D

Ayam Goreng Bumbu Bali ($7.50)

Still craving a good fix of chicken, we opted to try the Ayam Goreng Bumbu Bali, a Balinese style deep fried chicken topped with a melted peanut sauce blended with sweet soy sauce and onions. The peanut sauce was quite rich and creamy, and had big chunks of nuts hehe! It made for a very tasty addition for the tender chicken.

Bakso Goreng ($1.50/meatball)

And of course we couldn’t leave without trying the fried meatballs. They’re reasonably large in size (about a tennis ball ;P) and were a delicious side dish. They were fried nice and crunchy on the outside with a thin and sort of chewy meat layer inside. They were good on their own or dipped in chilli!

Martabak  Bangka  ($6)

 This traditional Indonesian pancake was also recommended by P and we chose peanut, chocolate and cheese for the fillings. It looked like a thick crumpet with the toppings piled on. Though chocolate and melted cheese might sound a bit weird, this combination was an excellent choice :D ! The crunchy nuts and smooth chocolate were quite sweet, with the subtle hint of saltiness from the cheese, it made a very rich and satisfying dessert.   Even thought we were already very full, we still managed to finish the entire plate: P.

Anzac Parade provided us a pleasant early dinner and our hunger was satisfied. But we definitely needed to go back another time for Ayam Goreng 99 :P 

Nibble on Nibblies! xx

319 Anzac Parade, 
Kingsford NSW 2032

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Maria said...

It was lovely to meet you girls yesterday! Looking forward to the next bloggers catch up! :)

Vivienne said...

I always see this place when I was staying at UNSW but never got to try it (I rem I wasn't very adventurous back in uni days and would only go to Happy House for chinese food ;) )

Nice meeting u guys yesterday! Looking forward to more yummy stuff from you guys!

grace said...

AHA so this is where you had you guys had your ayam goreng!
haha you know, I remember finding your blog heaps long ago and I had nooo idea it was two of you behind it =P

Rah murtabak looks so good! and yeah i agree peanut sauce should be thick and creamy and nutty this place looks yumo

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