Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sparkle Cupcakery

They’re unique. Their flavours are somewhat exotic. Their weekly flavour charts are exclusive. They’re more than just your typical cupcakes. They’re designer cupcakes.  And of course, L&J just couldn’t resist. ;) With its sleek black and silver décor, Sparkle Cupcakery very much resembles a professional photography studio. After much consideration and thoroughly matching up the available cupcakes to the flavour chart we decide on our choices.  
L decided on the Oriental Flower – "a lychee and rose cake with a sweet rose petal topping". L can never resist the perfection combination of rose and lychee! It was also the gluten free choice of the day so even better (marked with the little white dot hehe :D)! Check out how sheek the cupcakes look by the way, they match the patterns on the mirror :P The cake was nice and moist with actual chunks of lychee. The frosting was light and complemented the cake. It was light and very enjoyable.
 Oriental Flower Cupcake ($4.50)
 J went for Lavender and Honey- "soft scented lavender with a creamy honey frosting".  This had a much stronger taste than expected. It was quite a powerful flavour. Despite the nice texture, J did not enjoy the cupcake as much as she thought she would. Having never tasted lavender cake before, the powerful scent really gave her a shock at first bite.. and the first thing that poped into her mind was those lavender scented air-fresheners.. heh :p... hmm it was probably a bit too gourmet for her tastebuds hehe 
 Lavender and Honey Cupcake ($4.50)
At the end of last year, L & J also managed to get hold of some free sparkle cupcakes that were given out in darlingharbour during one of their festivals. We had a Milk Chocolate- "moist belgian milk chocolate cake and frosting"; and a Coconut ice- "tropical shredded coconut cake, topped with coconut ice". From memory they were both really nice (part of the reason which led to our visit to the store :p)! soft and fluffy cake, not too sweet, J definately enjoyed these two more than the lavender one :p  hmmm it would be probably better for her to go with the safer choices next time hehe

Milk Chocolate and Coconut Ice Cupcakes

Nibble on Nibblies! xx


132 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills 2010
Between Bourke and Crown Streets.

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Kristy Sayer said...

I went to Sparkle a month or two ago after spending the day at the studio and chose a vanilla cupcake (pure sparkle) while my friend chose a milk chocolate cupcake and we were super disappointed!
The cake was really dry and the icing was wayy too sweet on the pure sparkle
and the chocolate cupcake was so-so.

But maybe I was there on a bad day!
I always judge cupcakeries on their vanilla cupcakes because they're so basic
but maybe next time i'll try their oriental flower.

Your pictures are great though :)

chocolatesuze said...

lol i have issues with lavender too but the lychee and rose sounds tasty!

That's Ron said...

looks good.. .hey .. i'll b going to sydney for easter... any recomendation?

Leona said...

i love the sparkle cupcakery interior its funky for cupcake store ^_^

went there a while ago went there with abt 10 food bloggers where we tried all the flavours. The only ones i liked were lavender and the lychee. The rest we found the stumps dry :(

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