Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Melbourne: Café Vue at 401

Owner of the Vue de monde group is one of Melbourne’s greatest chefs- Shannon Bennet. His café on 401 St. Kilda Road is a more casual and relaxed version of the Vue de monde restaurant. Their food was simple but exceptional.
Soft shell crab with tomato and cumin sauce($19)
Duck ravioli with sage butter ($19)
Terrine du jour

This 12 hour cooked beef cheek was incredibly soft and tender.
Braised beef cheek with baby vegetables ($30)
Miso marinated barramundi with clams meuniere ($30)
 Ocean trout with sorrel sauce ($30)

This dish is the epitome of 'simple but exceptional food' mentioned above... The roast chicken was perfectly cooked- not only was the meat very tender, but it was also still firm and did not lose its texture. The chips were also very addictive as they were more solid and firm compared to ordinary ones. Possibly the best roast chicken and chips out there! :D
Roast chicken with mash potatoes or fries

And for dessert...
Madeleines with honey ice cream ($16)
Pistachio crème brulee ($16)
Pear tart tatin ($16)
Pistachio, chocolate, coconut, orange, strawberry and passion fruit macaroons 

The bitter sweet warm chocolate mousse went very well with the sour poached plums. The chocolate biscuit or cake crumbs added more texture to this delight :)
Poached plum with warm chocolate mousse ($16)

Café Vue at 401 had a very stylish and modern interior. The vibrant colours definitely creates an upbeat atmosphere and makes an impression in the minds of many- especially their washrooms, possibly the red-est one out there haha

Nibble on Nibblies! xx


Café Vue at 401
401 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, 3141

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Simon Food Favourites said...

thanks for sharing the photos. great to see. i was wondering if i should visit this place when i was in melbs but ran out of time. the prices look a lot more reasonable than i thought it might have been. i'll have to keep on my wish list for next time :-)

Peggy said...

This place looks exceptional! Definitely love the idea of a pistachio creme brulee!

chocolatesuze said...

the pistachio creme brulee while a little lurid looking sounds interesting i <3 all things pistachio!

nomnomnibblies said...

@ simon: yeh the pricings were pretty reasonable and it's definately worth a try! i'd like to try the actual restaurant next time hehe
@ peggy & chocolatesuze: haha yeh the pistachio creme brulee was interesting, can't really remember how it tasted exactly (since it was a while ago and i only managed to scab a little bite :P) but i think it wasn't really what i expected.. sort of tasted like raw pistachio

Betty said...

nom nom desserts look great especially the madelines i just made my first batch last night *squealz*!

Cath @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Very impressed by the sound of this place. The food certainly looks good.

Anonymous said...

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