Monday, May 24, 2010

Churras – The Brazilian Barbecue


One of our friend S is a huge fan of meat, so when it was time for our next get together, she specifically requested if we could catch up over a “meat fest”. So then it just came to picking a place that would satisfy her cravings. Ribs just seemed a bit too casual and a steak house didn’t quite seem right. 

“Oh! I know ! Why not Churras!”  suggests P. “It’s all you can eat meat!” “And they have the nicest sangria!”

It sounded perfect. So after confirming a booking, the five of us (J, L, P, E and of course S) were set to eat our way through the ‘Rodizo’ - basically 16 types of skewered meat. 

How it works is they come to us with skewers of bbq meat every so often :D, and on the table we had a plastic square which was red on one side and green on other. Whenever we wanted the meat flow to continue we were to put the green side facing up. Anytime we wanted a break, we simply flipped it to the red side and no meat came to us for awhile. 

The meats were quite salty so it was really good to eat them with some rice or potatoes.  We tried most of the 16 skewerrs but our particular favourites included the garlic bread where we could really feel the char grilled flavour, the chicken wings which was tender and nicely cooked and the very juicy chicken legs. 

To balance all the meat, we also all shared a fresh garden salad, creamy potato salad, rice with black beans, deep fried bananas and chunks of deep fried cassava and polenta (all included in the all you can eat). The rice and black beans were rather bland and tasted just like plain beans, which was a good balance to the salty meat. The polenta had a nice crunchy coating but was quite salty. 

The prawns had an interesting burst of coconut flavour and the honey cinnamon pineapple cooked with a very intense mix of spices that was too strong for all of us except for J who didn’t mind it.

Rodizo - $35 pp

Deep fried banana, cassava and polenta

Rice with black beans

Our friendly waiter with our favourite Garlic bread :P

Chicken legs



Chicken wings

Chili rump cap

Chicken thighs

Pork Neck

Chicken Hearts

Garlic rump cap

Beef ribs

Coconut prawns

Honey Cinnamon Pineapple

The White wine sangria had a mixture of fresh and canned summer fruits, sort of like a fruit punch but with white wine :D. It was very light and accompanied our heavy meats very well. We found it so addictive to just keep drinking more. Despite the hefty price, this was an absolute favourite for all of us. 

Sangria ($28/jug)

Overall it was a really tasty experience and definitely satisfied our meat cravings. All the meats were all very succulent and rich in flavour but were quite salty so we ordered multiple servings of garlic bread, potatoes and fried bananas. Feeling absolutely full as we left the little restaurant, it was just the “meat fest” S had been wanting :P 

Nibble on Nibblies! xx

219 Oxford St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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chocolatesuze said...

ooh the fried banana looks interesting was it a sweet type of banana? and gawd the chilli rump looks fan freaking awesome

nomnomnibblies said...

yehh they were sweet bananas and tasted really nice especially after a lot of salty meat :D

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

All you can eat meat. The best combination of five words in the English language? The deep-fried banana looks so tasty and I love ending this meals with cinnamon pineapple.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know there was a pork neck!! Looking at this post makes me wanna go again now lol -_- said...

OMG, I love all you can eat meat!!!

Anonymous said...

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