Monday, April 19, 2010

H2O Cafe Pyrmont


After a late night out, the best feeling the next morning is waking up to a sunny day, complete with blue skies, a slight breeze and a big delicious brunch =) 

 View from H2O Cafe Pyrmont

The group of us five walk over to H20 Cafe Pyrmont which was already quite crowded. Seated by the kitchen at a breakfast table big enough for eight people, it felt very spacious and made us feel very homey.  

Breakfast is served all day on weekends, so we all had some difficulty in deciding to go for the breakfast or the lunch option. In the end it was half half. 

L wanted something bit heavier and opted for the Beef burger which was served on turkish pide topped with melted tasty cheese, grainy mustard, rocket and caramelized onions. The burger was juicy and quite tasty, and the accompanying chunky fries were golden and crispy. It was the perfect meaty fix she was hoping for!

Beef burger ($18.50)

Y went with the Big Breakfast with eggs, toast, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, bacon and house made beans. It was quite filling and the home made beans definitely had a different touch- they were chunkier and less soggy compared to the canned baked beans :) though the bacon seemed a bit too salty for Y’s liking
Big Breakfast ($18.50)

K ‘s waffles were served with grilled banana, toasted hazelnut cream and maple syrup. The waffles were crispy but moist and soft on the inside and turned out to be quite filling.

Waffles ($13.50)

F decided on penne pesto with fetta, sun dried tomato and extra chicken. The pesto was zesty and the grilled chicken was very juicy and tender :)

Penne pesto ($18) add chicken ($5)

J opted for the Lemon chicken couscous served with salad and Mediterranean char grilled vegetables. This was much of a disappointment really. We were expecting a generous bed of couscous with warm cooked marinated chicken, but instead, after a long long wait [it came when everybody else was practically done with their meals :( ], we were served a dish of a cold chicken slices with tiny pieces of couscous that you could barely even see. The whole dish was basically filled with leaves with little chucks of grilled zucchini and eggplant. The chicken was cold and bland. We felt like we should have gotten more than this for the price we paid :(

Lemon chicken couscous ($19.50)

J and F also decided to order an Ice Mocha after seeing the table next to us order one. A mountain of whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce always seem to tempt us very well :P

Ice Mocha ($5.50)

Situated near apartments, a playground and overlooking blue water, this waterfront cafe and restaurant is a pretty idyllic place to have a relaxing brunch on the weekend :)

 Nibble on Nibbles! xx


Shop 1, 1 Harris Street 
Pyrmont NSW 2009

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chocolatesuze said...

oooh waffles are my weakness

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm drooling at those golden fries at a time of day when i shouldn't even be thinking about fries! =p

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