Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kimama Kitchen


L and J were already running late for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour :( but knowing that we would be dancing and jumping around the whole night, we knew it would be a bad idea if we went with an empty stomach. 

 Kimama Kitchen

So we thought the food court would be a quick and easy option. We originally wanted to have ramen at Gumshara but unfortunately the place was closed due to broken kitchen equipment of some sort :(. So we settled for some Karaage Don from Kimama Kitchen just next door. They offered a wide range of sauces to go with the deep fried chicken :D L ended up trying the new miso garlic sauce while J, being a vinegar-lover, went for the soy and vinegar. 

Chicken Karaage with miso garlic sauce($8)

Chicken Karaage with soy and vinegar sauce (served in separate container)($8)

Hmm… is there a particular reason why the miso garlic sauce is infused into the chicken while the soy and vinegar is served in a separate container?  

haha anyway…the chicken was juicy and tender and both sauces were quite tasty and went well with the crispy chicken :) the soy and vinegar sauce gave the dish a zesty tanginess and the miso garlic sauce added a strong garlic flavour to the chicken. 

We also found their service really friendly and thoughtful when they asked if we’d like extra sesame (for soy and vinegar sauce) or some fried garlic (for miso garlic sauce) on top of our dishes :) Also, rice and miso soup are also generously available for free refill hehe, though a single portion should probably be enough to fill you up! Neither of us could finish our meal even though we were literally starving before we ate- or is it because you know how when you’re too hungry, you’ll tend to get full easier when you eat? hmm.. but either way, our tummies were satisfied and we’re ready for our bad romance with lady gaga!  

 Lady Gaga <3 (photo credit: Grandia)

Nibble on Nibbles! xx

Kimama Kitchen
Shop207, Eating World Habour Plaza
25-29 Dixon St 
Haymarket NSW 2000

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grandia007 said...

Yayyy I see my pic! haha.. I LOVE reading you and your friend's food blog. Esp at night..which is the worst idea ever... -_- but I can't help it! haha.. Keep it up guys <3 :D

Nitheesh said...

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