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Bite Me Burger Co.


J&L are still looking for that perfect burger. Buns warm and crisp yet soft in the centre, meat patties cooked but still with the succulent juices and all the glorious fillings to make that burger more than just 2 slices of bread and meat...

So we set off to try Bite Me Burger. Offering a wide range of gourmet burgers as well as Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream and creative cocktails it looked like a very promising contender. Besides, how could we not go to a place that offered burgers called “Wagyu Me” or “Steak Me” or even “Pluck Me”? hehehe 

We entered the store and were greeted by mannequins wearing Bite Me’s very own merchandise T-shirts next to signs that says “Make the World a Burger Place!”- it is then when we knew this was the right place, even if the food don’t turn out to be a 10/10, their attitude is definitely a winner :D

J& L had planned this out strategically so we could try as many burgers as we can! Being a group of 6 (J,L, Y, P ,K and F), we would each have one of  the 6 Mini Burgers and then share the Mega!  On top of that, Y also had a caramel shake while P chose an Iced chocolate :) perfect drinks to go with burgers! We also ordered some hot chips to share, after all, what are burgers without hot chips! hehe

Caramel Shake ($5)

Iced chocolate with vanilla ice cream, topped with cream ($5)

Small Chip Me ($3)

Mini burgers: Mini Beef Burger, Mini Lambtastic, Mini Pluck Me, Mini Bloody Mary, Mini Jack Daniels, Mini Vegetari Anne ($26 for 6)

The Pluck Me was probably the best- Grilled corn-fed chicken breast topped with melted King Island brie, iceberg lettuce & seeded honey mustard. The chicken was juicy and tender, the flavours of the cheese and mustard were not overpowering, making it a very light yet tasty chicken burger!

Mini Pluck Me

The Bloody Mary sounded like an interesting one- Grain-fed beef, smothered in our Bloody Mary sauce including vodka, Worcestershire, Tabasco & tomato sauce served with cos lettuce. Though it turned out not as expected, the flavours were not strong and tasted more or less like the ordinary beef burger just with a subtle hint of Tabasco.

The Vegetari Anne somewhat resembled the flavours in a falafel kebab - Delicious lentil burger, grilled capsicum, haloumi cheese, rocket & chermoulah yoghurt.

Mini Vegetari Anne

All the burgers were quite tasty and filling even tho they were the mini size. We finished all burgers before realising we still had the Mega to come. The mega was “A pound (450g)
of delicious grain-fed beef topped with tasty cheese, bacon,tomato, iceberg lettuce, sautéed onion, pickles & your choice of tomato sauce or BBQ sauce. Served on a giant bun
The burger was indeed “mega” and we had to split it into 6 slices – just like a cake! Haha :P
Each “slice” was quite thick and we were all pretty full by the time we were done.

MegaBite ($29)

MegaBite VS Mini Burgers

But of course, what’s a meal without dessert? 

So we end up sharing Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream Sandwiches. J and F’s Caramel Pecan had a very yummy dough which tasted a bit like digestive biscuits with little pieces of pecan in it, L’s favourite. Y and K went with Mochaccino, whose ice cream was rather bitter compared to the common coffee flavoured ice creams –J’s favourite. L and P had the Vanilla Choc, it was a simple combination but with good quality ingredients, it makes all the difference hehe- Y’s favourite. Haha, turns out we might have all ordered the wrong thing :P but next time we know which one to get!

Caramel Pecan


Vanilla Choc
Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream Sandwiches ($5 each)

It was overall a very filling and satisfying meal. Even though the service was really slow, and each time we tried to make an order, the waitresses would say “one moment please”… The décor was very vibrant and striking and the innovative burgers were definitely more than your typical bun and meat patty combination and dessert proved to be the perfect way to finish up. Looks like we’re not doing too bad to find that perfect burger ;) !

Nibble on Nibbles! xx 


Harbourwalk, Star City Casino (next to Duffys)
80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009 

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