Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sabbaba - light, fresh and healthy :D


It actually looks like a small coffee shop. Where people pick up their daily coffee fix or sit in the few little tables to enjoy a pastry or two. 


But of course, it’s much more than that. Their idea of “Food Music & Friends” is clear the minute you walk inside their tiny shop. An aroma of grilled meats fill the air, upbeat Lady Gaga music is playing and the waitress seems to know the regular’s usual orders. 

So when L and Y were particularly hungry one day and were confused where to else to eat in Bondi Junction, J naturally suggested Sabbaba. 

“Their food is SO good!”raves J. “Their juices are fresh, their pita bread is sooo soft! And they have really nice falafels!”  

Taking on J’s advice, we shared the Meat, salad and dip plate with chicken (meat of your choice can be chosen), hummus, tahina, babaganoush, salsa, chickpeas, garden salad, tabouli, red cabbage and pickets. Also served with two freshly home baked pita. Still wanting to try their falafels, we ended up upsizing to the value meal where if you add $4.90 to any pita, plate or bowl you get two more items from vine leaves, hot chips, any drink, falafel balls, side salad, dessert, chick peas with paprika& olive oil, corn chips with guacamole. We chose the falafel balls and a dessert :)
Meat, salad and dip plate($17)

Feeling thirsty as well, we also chose to get their fresh juices. These were excellent thirst quenchers! They didn’t taste diluted at all and were definitely freshly squeezed as they started rusting after a while!

Freshly squeezed Apple and Lemon Juice and Apple Juice ($4)

The food too was just as tasty as J had recommended. Making pita pockets with the bread, we stuffed them with the chicken breasts, the vegetables and the dips. The dips were very fresh and tasty and went well with just the soft and fluffy pita bread alone :) The grilled chicken breasts were nicely marinated but were unfortunately a bit dry- for more juicy chicken, try the chicken shish :P 

 Fresh and soft Pita Bread :D

 Stuffing food into our pita pockets hehe :)
The falafels were absolutely delicious! Not only were they in just the right size and were very crispy and seasoned perfectly- unlike those huge but soggy and overly sour ones hehe :P
Falafel balls

Even though it looked quite small, by the time we had eaten our way through the plate we were feeling stuffed and weren’t sure if we could fit in that log dessert...

“Oh! But you guys HAVE to try it! It’s really good!!” gushes J. 


So halving the dessert, L and Y tried it and were instantly glad they didn’t skip dessert. The top layer was a light and crispy pastry while the bottom layer consisted of a creamy texture with different sorts of crushed nuts. Combined together, it was a deliciously rich dessert that had us wanting more. 

 Check out how flaky it got, thats how crispy it was hehe

On a side note, just a few weeks ago when J first tried this place, she ordered the corn chips & guacamole as part of her value meal. The fresh avocado dip was very thick and smooth :D perfect when eaten with the crispy and lightly salted corn chips!   

Corn chips & guacamole

With its catchy name, Sabbaba was extremely satisfying, particularly its falafel balls and that delicious dessert! Everything we had, from salad to juice to hummus, had been very fresh! It is definately the perfect place to go for a light and healthy yet still very tasty meal :) It also reminds us not to judge things from the front- while it may look just like a small cafe, its much much more than that ! :P hehe

Nibble on Nibbles! xx

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Shop 1/71-91 Spring St
Eastgate Shopping Centre
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022 

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linda said...

wow it's good when you come across a nice place which genuinely serves great and simple food. I love the look of the falafel and the filled pita bread. I've never tasted a falafel ball that I liked, too often enough, it's just too dry, but this one looks so moist.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I like the logo - I think I may resemble that face most of the time :)

The food look tasty and yay for super-stuffed pita pockets!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Looks like unpretentious, simple fare and I'm very impressed with their prices!

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