Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red velvet pancakes! Um… well… not quite… hehe


J had been craving red velvet cakes for a quite a while now, but couldn’t be bothered tobake… so when she suddenly came up with a red velvet pancake idea, she called L over to help make it happen! 

Hoping this would turn out fine… we went ahead and starting mixing everything together, basically we just added some redness, some vanilla and some cocoa to our homemade pancake batter :D
But then when we started cooking them, we realized we added too little colouring and they turned out pinkish than red :( and L says they looked a bit like slabs of ham steak haha :P woops
Instead of making a cream cheese frosting like you would for red velvet cakes, we just topped our pancakes with maple syrup (yummmmm!!) and cream cheese hehe…
And now it was time to try them! hehe and it was only then when we realized that... we forgot to put sugar!!! arghh!!! But luckily the  syrup added sweetness to it :P so that kind of helped a bit… and also, the texture was quite good :) hehe
We will get together again soon and hopefully fix our ‘recipe’ up a bit! Then we’ll probably post the recipe up hehe

Nibble on Nibblies xx

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Anonymous said...

I had a red velvet cake/cheesecake thing in the US. It was SO good. Red velvet cake is yuuuuummmy!

Von said...

haha- they sort of do look like ham steak! It's a cool idea though!

hungry jane said...

ooh was there buttermilk in your pancakes too?

nomnomnibblies said...

noo we just used normal milk this time,, but maybe we'll use buttermilk next round :D

Sharleen said...


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