Monday, February 1, 2010

Mad Pizza e Bar,The Victoria Room & Wowcow


One day at the end of last year, cravings of fresh frozen yoghurt after a heavy BBQ led to a somewhat exhausting trek from the city to Victoria St, Darlinghurst to try Wowcow. ( a recently opened  frozen yoghurt place that was apparently as good as the ones you get in Asia ) Even though it wasn’t meant to take that long, the roads were steep and the skies were grey… which meant a much slower walk that gave us time to see the nearby restaurants… guess the steep hills wasn’t a total loss :P hehe

So to start off the many food outings of the year, we ventured back to Darlinghurst with our friend Y, remembering the many drool worthy places we passed on that walk. We actually wanted to eat at Spigolo that offers an all you can eat pizza and pasta place for $22.90pp, but after not being able to re-find it, we ended up at Mad Pizza e Bar, a cute little Italian pizza place – complete with the  red and white checked table cloths !! hehe  
 Mad Pizza e Bar & Wowcow

We all had lemon lime bitters which was served in a nice tall glass hehe. It was very fresh and icy – perfect for a light summer dinner. 
 lemon lime bitters ($4 each)

We tried the almafi pizza –  a superthin pizza with sweet tiger prawns, ricotta, garlic, chilli flakes & roma tomatoes with fresh mint leaves . We ordered ours sans chill flakes (since L can’t really do spicy) and mint leaves (as Y isn’t really fond of the minty taste on food) . The base was super thin and crispy and the toppings were delicate and a good mix.
almafi pizza($19.9)

We also had the linguine é gambero which was a prawn linguine with garlic, onions, cherry, tomatoes, chilli & mint leaves with ricotta. This was pretty similar to the pizza, having the nearly the same ingredients. The chilli and mint leaves were kept on this dish, so it was a tad spicier . 
linguine é gambero ($19)

Overall the place was a cute charming Italian eatery. The Food was tasty and the atmosphere was lively. Definitely pretty with a DJ at the back and deer head named Frank. haha ! WE particularly loved the slogan written at the back of the restaurant “Love pizza. Love music. Love mad. xx” <3
Frank :P

Knowing there were many more places to try in Darlinghurst, we left the pizza place in search of more things to try hehe ..
We ended up at the Victoria Room, a British-Raj style themed lounge that we had indeed passed on that walk. Further research done by J confirmed our desires to go, so we excitedly entered. Unfortunately many others had the same idea to go there that night and it took us ages before we got a tiny corner with 3 chairs .. perfect ! Really wanted the couch though =( all part of the lounging experience hehe .. but there’s always next time :P . 

The cocktail menu was loooong. A leather bound menu had pages and pages of extremely descriptive cocktail which actually in the end made it hard to choose what we wanted to have. In the end, L chose to try The Rose Petal Martini - "Beefeater Gin shaken with lychee juice and rose syrup." This was definitely the prettiest drink with a rose petal floating on top . The lychee however was very strong and made it a really sweet drink.
The Rose Petal Martini ($18)
Y had the Trinidad Daiquiri - "10 Cane Rum shaken with lime juice and a touch of sugar." Despite the “carribean spirit” the menu promised, this cocktail can be described in just one word – STRONG. Definitely not for anyone who isn’t a big alcohol fan! J thought it tasted like medicine, though after a few more sips, Y started to enjoy it.
Trinidad Daiquiri ($19)
J chose the Honey Bee Cocktail - "Sauza Blanco Tequila shaken with Gabriel Boudier Apple Liqueur, honey, egg white, apple and lemon juices." The nicest of all 3 drinks! The eggy foam was fun to drink and you could definitely taste the honey and apple making it a nice and sweet drink .
Honey Bee Cocktail  ($18)
Despite the crowd and the unexpected tasting drinks, the lounge had a nice atmosphere and the décor was definitely aesthetically pleasing. Definitely book a table next time so you lounge in style and try their dishes too hehe . 

We toasted the night anyways – to 2010 and the many more food outings to come! ;)

After the cocktails, we felt it was time to get some fresh air…and to see if Wowcow was still open :P and luckily it was ! hehe So we all went to get our fix of fresh frozen yoghurt which tasted  cool and refreshing, especially after the cocktails hehe .
small strawberry yoghurt,petit chocolate yoghurt with yoghurt chips, petit plain yoghurt with strawberries ($3.90 for petit size; $0.95 extra topping)

Nibble on nibblies! xx

321 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst 2010
Mad Pizza e Bar on Urbanspoon
Level 1, 235 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst  2010
The Victoria Room on Urbanspoon
Shop 2 / 304-308 Victoria St.
Darlinghurst NSW 2010 
Wowcow on Urbanspoon

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