Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Munching down Memory Lane ..


So when J&L decided to re-visit their old high school for some reminiscing, they listed out just what they wanted to do… see the new school uniform, have a quick chat with their old teachers and of course to get that tuckshop food they had  lunched on throughout their high school years .. in particular that $3  Hot Ham and Cheese Roll  ( oh how we miss buying lunch for under $5 :)   =( haha ) 
So off we went and it was a pretty interesting experience. Walking up those familiar stairs and passing the classrooms seemed as if we had never left yet, we could see all the new changes taking place. Chatting with the many teachers, we nearly lost track of time until the school bell rang … yep ! it was LUNCH TIME =) teeheehee. The line wasn’t as bad as we thought at the tuckshop but to our disappointment there were no more hot rolls left that day =( *tear*. We looked at the menu to see if there were any new things, but it was pretty much the same…  So we decided to lunch out at the nearby Charcoal Chicken where the boarders used to go to after school and sometimes we would also go along with them.  
Charcoal Chicken

We got the famous Satay Chips, which was not suprisingly... hot satay sauce drizzled over warm, crunchy potato chips. They were so popular that they kept increasing the price during the years that we were at school. It was just the same as it tasted years ago.. the satay sauce here is definately the best! It is more creamy than usual ones probably from adding peanut butter? wished there was more satay sauce though! 
Medium Satay Chips ($4.50)

L also had a tasty chicken salad  with a creamy pesto dressing and plenty of vegetables.. it was VERY filling! 
Medium Chicken Pesto Salad ($6.80) 
And we tried both the frittatas- Crab & Zucchini and Corn. Both had a quite thick batter and were quite different to what we had expected. The crab and zucchini was quite tasty having a light balance of both meat and vegetables, whilst the corn had capsicum (which we didn’t realize until we had taken a bite) that gave it a fresher and lighter flavour!
Corn Fritters ($3.00) 
Crab & Zucchini Fritters ($3.00) sorry we forgot to take a photo of the inside :P and it actually wasn't that burnt, it's just the picture hehe

J also had a stick of satay chicken which was dipped generously in the same delicious satay sauce as the ones in the chips. The chicken was juicy and tender, went perfectly with the peanutty sauce =D !

Chicken Satay ($3.00)
The last thing to complete to our nostalgic lunch was milkshakes from Perfection.  These freshly made milkshakes was a definite high school favourite - creamy and smooth.  

J chose Chocolate whilst L tried Strawberry.Both were very thick and smooth and ended the lunch on a sweet note hehe. The milkshakes were made with a generous scoop of icecream making them extra creamy :P. The chocolate wasn’t like the ones made from chocolate sauce because they probably used their own chocolate too since it was a confectionary store.  The strawberry surprisingly tasted like the actual fruit, and not an artificial flavor. 
 Chocolate Milkshake & Strawberry Milkshake ($4.95 each)
Lunch was tasty and very very filling! We had completed our trip down memory lane, satisfying our memories AND our stomachs ;) 

Nibble on Nibblies ! xx 
 Charcoal Chicken
 732 New South Head Rd, 
Rose Bay, NSW 2029

700 New South Head
Rose Bay NSW 2029

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Simon Food Favourites said...

how hilarious. i was just at Charcoal Chicken on the weekend. damn, i should have tried the hot chips but i did try the chicken and avocado salad as well hehe that's freaky! will post shortly :-)

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