Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day!

Nom Nom Nibblies wishes everyone and their families a very Happy Chinese New Year ! May the year of the tiger bring prosperity, happiness, harmony, health and good fortune! 

In the south part of China, it is a tradition for familes to put together a 'candy box' during Chinese New Year. Children will say greetings to their parents, relatives and friends while offering them a sweet or two from the box!  

Chinese New Year Candy Box

This is one that J has at home, and she got to put the sweets in this year hehe. From the top left corner going clockwise... the sweets include: 
-dried & sugar coated coconut, they symbolise love and harmony
-deep fried sesame balls, which you can sometimes get at yum cha. they symbolise fortune and prosperity
-dried & sugar coated lotus roots....hmm this one is a bit hard to translate sorry :( but its something a long the path of hopeing this day will come every year, so i guess its long life and maybe peace?
-dried & sugar coated lotus seeds, this mainly hopes for newlyweds to have more kids.. yehh just something from the ancient times haha.. they loved big familes
-'lucky candy'.. well this one is pretty self-explanatory hehe, but they actually taste really good! it's very hard to describe how they taste like.. it's sort of like a strawberry flavoured caramel..but not really.. haha
-and the one in the middle are black and red melon seeds, symbolising familes and that they will be always together

Well well.. today is a very special day, not only because it's CNY, but its also Valentine's day!! <3 <3 <3  so Happy Valentine's day everyone! May today bring love and joy to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day with your other half, all your loved ones and of course .. your beloved food ...wink wink hehe

Photo by Star Bakery

Nibble on Nibblies! xx

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grace said...

hey thar :)

you guys have heaps of goodies in your candy boxes! ours is really boring, we just have raisins and nuts haha

Howard said...

I love CNY candy, but only in moderation! Best eaten with tea imo.

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