Friday, February 5, 2010

Nothing stops our cravings!

We were craving ribs. Juicy ribs. Juicy fat ribs. Juicy fat ribs smothered in a thick BBQ sauce that after demolishing the ribs, we would be licking our fingers too.  So on that hot summer’s day, we were both lazing at home escaping the heat and what we really wanted was ribs and some breeze. Then it HIT us. It was TUESDAY! So what’s so special about Tuesday? Let’s just say Tuesdays and Thursdays is like a happy hour for rib lovers at Sunset Grill (a modern Australian restaurant offering lots of meat =D hehe steaks, ribs, chicken etc…) 
Bondi Beach

Anyways on Tuesday and Thursday nights, you can order the full rack of ribs for just $20!! Which is even cheaper than the price of a half rack on a normal day!! And being the shopaholics we are, we knew the power of a sale: P so quick plans for an early dinner were made and by 30 minutes we were seated at Bondi Beach’s Sunset Grill Restaurant ordering a full rack of pork ribs and sitting in the breeze.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED J haha 

When we got there, the usual banner displaying the special $20 offer wasn’t there (:O nooooo!!)  but knowing that our stomachs had already prepared for ribs, we went in anyways – these were really bad cravings ! haha
Sunset Grill Restaurant
So for starters we were given a complimentary multigrain bread rolls. J had hers with some butter but L skipped as she was saving up for the ribs…hehe
Then we moved on to the Full Rack of Pork Ribs!! ($20) *slurps* they were just as tasty as we had remembered them.  The BBQ sauce was definitely very juicy and complemented the ribs perfectly. This was accompanied with a mixed salad (other selections include: fries, mashed potato, baked potato or rice)
 Full-Rack Pork Ribs & Salad($20)
Trying to diversify our meat selection we chose to have the Spatchcock Chicken with Mashed Potato. Available in either BBQ or Peri Peri Sauce, we chose BBQ =D It was a full chicken with all the complete pieces (haha sounds like a puzzle) – drumstick, chicken breast, wings etc.. The chicken was bit dry on the outside but soft and tender inside :D We also noted that the BBQ sauce was surprisingly different to rib’s BBQ sauce; J thought the rib’s BBQ sauce had a stronger hint of Worcestershire sauce; well at least that’s what she thought it was? But they both suited the meat so we were happy hehe. 
Spatchcock Chicken with BBQ sauce & Mashed Potatoes ($26)

And we were even more happy when the bill came and we noticed that the full rack of ribs was still $20. YAY ! teeheehee =D

We both got so full afterwards and we didn't even finish everything on the table! So we decided to go for a walk on the beach. Not being very beachy people, L & J never really explored bondi beach well enough to notice that there was this awesome bubbler! It's hugggee with 8taps on each side. haha just picture it when 30people are crowded around the block for a drink all at once!

Well anyway, after letting our food digest, we were thinking of what to do next since it was still early. We were already very pleased satisfying our cravings of ribs hehe, but we thought since we were already in Bondi Beach, why not drop by Igloo Zoo? A frozen yoghurt place we had yet to try... 
Igloo Zoo

Igloo Zoo offers frozen yoghurt in 3 flavours – original, green tea and pomegranate. They also offer a variety of toppings from freshly diced fruits to crushed nuts to little bits of chocolate!
Choice of toppings at Igloo Zoo
J opted for the pomegranate with little pieces of meringues. The topping went well with the smooth texture of the yoghurt. L chose green tea with pistachios. The green tea was slightly stronger than usual, which wasn’t a bad thing and it went with the crunchiness of the crushed pistachios. Both the yoghurts also had a yummy sourness to them J which was really nice because u all know how sometimes you can get “frozen yoghurts” that don’t even taste like yoghurt but just normal icecream?
Small Pomegranate Frozen Yoghurt with crushed Meringues ($5.35)
Small Green Tea Frozen Yoghurt with crushed Pistachios ($5.35) 

We were given a very generous amount of toppings as well as yoghurt given that it was a small size that we chose.  Igloo Zoo’s yoghurt was fresh, chilling and ended the meal on a perfect note – would definitely go back for more! Next time we’re trying the halva (which apparently is a mix of crushed sesame with sugar)!

Nibble on Nibblies! xx 


Sunset Grill
33/180-186 Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach 
NSW 2026
Sunset Grill on Urbanspoon

Igloo Zoo
101 hall street
bondi beach
nsw 2026 
Igloo Zoo on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what fabulous value for the ribs! I've gone past this place so many times but never gone in. Thanks for the review! :)

Anonymous said...

U guys have to take me to igloo zoo!!!!! im craving hurricane ribs now hehehehe (oh this is P btw :D)

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