Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brunch at bills

Some things are best planned on the spur of the moment.  Although it wasn’t quite the spur of the moment, planning a brunch just a few hours before was pretty last minute for J&L. The idea was brought up and plans were made. In a matter of minutes it was all settled - We would be going to bills at Surry Hills with Y and K - simple as that =)
Arriving on the end of Crown Street, we took a leisurely stroll whilst preparing our stomachs for the first meal of the day.  Walking into the restaurant, the place wasn’t too full and we were immediately given a comfortable booth at the back. 
Feeling absolutely ravenous, we ordered once the menu hit the table, starting with drinks.
 L opted for the Sunrise Drink of orange juice, banana, yoghurt and berries after eyeing the purple coloured drink on many nearby tables. The drink was more sour than expected but was fresh with a yoghurt feel, and a perfect drink to start the morning =)
Large Sunrise Drink ($7)

Y chose the Mango Smoothie which surprisingly more milky than fruity.
Small Mango Smoothie ($5)

J went for bills hot chocolate made with Callebaut. This was the prettiest drink!  The drink was not too rich (which was good because it doesn't make you feel sick afterwards :P) and tasted just like one from a chocolatier made with the finest chocolate =D! Perfect way to warm up on that windy morning!
bills Hot Chocolate made with Callebaut ($4)

K went for a lighter choice and stuck with Green tea and Lime. A soothing and refreshing drink to complement the food that was to come!
Green tea and Lime ($4)
The four of us chose 3 of bills classic dishes and shared them.
Scrambled organic eggs with sourdough toast ($13.50)

The perfectly cooked eggs were rich and creamy making them quite powerful when eaten alone, but went very well when accompanied with the sourdough.
Ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter ($17.50)

The hotcakes had the perfect texture! Fluffy, soft and very delicious! The sweet bananas added to the flavour and the honey comb butter was VERY addictive – we found ourselves wanting more hehe!
Sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon ($18.50)

4 words – BEST corn fritters ever! Crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside, moist and made with a very generous amount of corn hehe! These fritters were bursting of flavor!  The roast tomato, spinach and bacon were great sides to the crunchy fritter but they were so good, they are definitely can be enjoyed on their own!  J&L’s highlight of brunch: P hehe
Even hours later, we were still raving on the awesome corn fritters – we’ll definitely be going back for more!

Nibble on Nibblies! xx

359 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

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Kristy Sayer said...

All of the food looks delicious!
Especially the corn fritters

Simon Food Favourites said...

one day i hope to try all their signature dishes but every time i've tried it's been too crowded :-(

chocolatesuze said...

oh man i always drool at pics of the famed hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Got to love brunch at bills! Now I am thinking of going there this weekend.

Trisha said...

I've never been to Bills before - ohmygoodness I feel so deprived!

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