Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A simple BBQ =)

L and J’s friend M just recently brought home a new family member – the cutest labrador retriever puppy!! So we decided to drop by for a visit to meet this cute little fluff ball (well…. and also to do some cooking hehe :P)
 he is absolutely adorable <3
At the time he still didn’t have a name so M asked us for some opinion, being the food-obsessed girls we are, we came up with ones like butterscotch, baileys, cookie etc. and for a few hours we called him butter :D, which we thought really suited him since it was golden in colour and… um… well it was just a cute name! haha but this name only lasted for one night until M’s family disagreed thinking butter was too girly :( 
 nawwww look at his sad face :(
But anyway… we played with the cute little puppy and took lots and lots of photos of him for an hour or two until we started getting a bit hungry :P and after looking at what was available in M’s kitchen, we decided to make some butter & lemon sugar crepes!
our recipe was similar to this, with an additional spread of butter, a few pinches of sugar and a generous squeeze of lemon juice to taste :)
 butter & lemon sugar crepes
Not very satisfied with just crepes for dinner, we ended up having a small barbeque and cooked some steak, lamb cutlets and mushrooms and corn :D 
 bbq cutlets
M, being a healthy eater, actually started eating the corn raw when we were preparing our food.. so then we all joined in :P corn is actually really nice when eaten raw, it’s just natural goodness! they’re very crunchy and each kernel is guaranteed to be bursting with freshness and sweetness! corn is in fact the rawer the better hehe.. because they start losing flavour and also nutrients when cooked for too long.. 
 fresh and raw corn :D
we covered our corn with some mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, lemon pepper and salt and chucked them into the grill, though we might have added a bit too much so it turned out quite salty woops hehe… but then we realized if we scraped off the coating of seasonings, the corn actually tasted really good all the flavours were captured into each little kernel making it very very zesty and delicious! 
our recipe was similar to this.  
 grilled cheesy corn hehe
button mushrooms are best grilled with the cap upside down so all the sweet mushroom juice that seeps out as it cooks can be all collected inside... they look especially appetizing if the stalk was peeled off before cooking so it would turn out like a mini bowl of soup, only that the whole thing is edible hehe.. 
 grilled button mushrooms
we also made some Chinese deep fried green beans with minced pork aka Sichuan dry-fried green beans.  traditionally it is made with pickled vegetables, but we didn’t have any at the time, so we substituted it with some minced olives, which worked pretty well and gave the dish a western twist :) 
you may want to try this recipe,which we have yet to give it a try :P but looking at all the positive comments, it seems pretty dependable hehe
 Sichuan dry-fried green beans with pork & olive mince

Nibble on Nibblies! xx

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Simon Food Favourites said...

OMG did you BBQ the puppy HEHE ;-) i think he was looking quite sad because you were perhaps taking photos of him with the flash :-) those crepes look sensational!

nomnomnibblies said...

haha noooo theres no way we're ever going to do that >< hehe but yeh it's probably the flash and also because he wasn't allowed inside the house too :(

chocolatesuze said...

nawwww puppy is so so cuteee!

Renita said...

LOL Simon Food Favourites! I thought the same thing. Such a cuddly looking pup! I love fresh corn off the cob best in the husk straight on the bbq. It's so sweet and tasty that way! Mmm, cutlets - I can never resist!

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