Friday, June 4, 2010

Ayam Goreng 99 – Indonesian style chicken

Still craving the infamous Indonesian style chicken from Ayam Goreng 99, L and J headed off to Kingsford again with two other friends P and S.  
L, P and S all had their famous char-grilled chicken :)  The authentic Indonesian chicken was nicely marinated with a choice of breast or thigh.  It was bursting with flavor compared to your typical charcoal chicken and you could really taste that char grilled flavour. 
J tried the deep fried Javanese style chicken which was somewhat similar to the char-grilled version (it even looks the same haha, we had to ask the waiter which one is which :P). This one was probably more dry comparatively, but it’s a good sort of dry… the meat was more fluffy and lose, definitely in a good way :D 
Oh and don’t forget the ketchup sauce (not the tomato sauce haha but the sweet Indonesian soy sauce kecap manis :P) or the chili sauce that both go really nice with the chickens!
L also tried the deep fried soybean and tofu which was nicely fried with a thick batter. They were relatively plain in flavour but made as a good alternative to rice to eat with the chicken. 
Charcoal grilled marinated chicken ($6), Deep fried marinated chicken Javanese style ($6), Deep fried soybean and tofu ($2 each)
We also tried the Chicken satay :D which came covered in a really thick and rich peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce and deep fried shallots  :)
Chicken Satay ($8 for 5 sticks)
 For drinks, we had the avocado juice and cendol :D The avocado juice might sound really rich and filling, but it’s actually quite fresh! The mix of mocha and condensed milk made the drink more like a milkshake making it very addictive. On the other hand, the ice cendol was probably more heavy but still very good with everything in the right proportions :D
Avocado juice with Mocha, shaved ice and condensed milk ($5)
Green jelly with Palm sugar and coconut milk ($5)

Nibble on Nibblies! xx


Ayam Goreng 99
464 Anzac Parade, 
Kingsford NSW 2032

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Cathy x. said...

mmmm i love avocado! i once ordered an avocado and banana milkshake at a cafe and the waitress had this horrified look on her face as if to say "omg! i can't believe someone actually ordered it!" but it was delicious :P*

Simon Food Favourites said...

oh dear avocado milkshake. is that really good? i've never tried it before but i'm scared to. i went to ayam goreng 99 so long ago and i still haven't had a chance to blog my review :-( but they did make an interesting beef rendang which didn't look too good but was nice.

nomnomnibblies said...

@ cathy and simon: haha yeh avocado is quite an odd ingredient to put in a milkshake ey :P but it tasted suprisingly good!


foodwink said...

OOhh we absolutely love this place. Every now and then we'd crave for their char-grilled chicken and the really hot/spicy chili sauce! Another favourite of ours is their stir-fried rice vermicelli!

Thang @ said...

OMG, the marinated chicken!!! to die for!

susan said...

those satay sticks look delicious. We went to an indonesian restaurant last week and there was fried shallots on everything and I was very happy!

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